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Eddy Cavazza is an Italian musician, sound engineer, songwriter, and record producer best known for his work with artists such as Anthony  Phillips (Genesis), John Wetton (King Crimson), Dino Cazares (Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, Soulfly, Asesino, and Brujeria), Logan Mader (Machine Head and Once Human), Tue Madsen (Meshuggah), Bjӧrn Strid (Soilwork), Dan Korneff (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Papa Roach, Lamb of God, and My Chemical Romance), Jon Howard (Threat Signal), and Mnemic.

After spending more than 10 years specializing in metal, punk, indie, pop, and rock music under DysFunction, Eddy launched Silent Ghost Production in the United States in 2022.

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Chris Perry has served artists in many touring roles, including guitar and bass tech, head of security, stage manager, and tour manage
for Limp Bizkit and Cold.
Chris has worked shows from small local bars to Madison Square Garden and large festivals.
He has experience as security advisor for the MWR at Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville and worked
union and nonunion 

shows including outdoor festivals such as Warped Tour, Ozzfest, Tattoo the Earth, Welcome to Rockville, and every radio festival under the sun. His passion is taking his decade-plus years of experience to advise and advocate for artists new to the American music industry.

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