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Awake For Days


Awake for Days is an alternative metal band of pure heart, unwavering talent, and unrelenting drive on the bleeding edge of creativity and performance in the genre. Based off the coast of Italy on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, they bring a positivity and strength to songwriting that is desperately missing in modern metal. 

After founding in 2013, Awake for Days released their inaugural album, Magnificent Disorder, entirely recorded and produced by Silent Ghost.

The Designs

The Designs is from renowned artists and musicians Billy T. Cooper and Snovonne “Sno” Drake. It’s the culmination of years of professional artistic performance, bleeding-edge visuals, and above all unique and powerful songwriting that grips the listener immediately and transforms a moment into an intriguing journey.
They began their 2020 work by releasing their first single, "Begin," and in 2021 they released "MoreThanThis." Both tracks were recorded and produced by Silent Ghost

the Designs.jpg

The Designs deliver a rare level of artistic intelligence, musical daring, and elegant beauty to their music that is assured to create some big waves in the world. Their upcoming album will be supported by touring, new products, and the exceptional music videos Sno and Billy are known for.

Logical Terror


Aggressive, catchy, and thrusting heavy music, Logical Terror is about breaking the rules since 2008. Thanks to their debut album, Almost Human, produced by Dysfunction Productions (Fear Factory, Mnemic), Logical Terror exploded onto the local scene, marked as the best Italian newcomer in 2010 by Rock Hard and Metal Hammer magazines

Always chasing a way to contaminate the metal genre, the band reached a new level with their second full-length album, Ashes of Fate, released in 2016 by Darktunes/Soulfood, featuring guest vocals from Björn Strid (Soilwork) and Jon Howard (Threat Signal, Imonolith).
“A modern mix of Fear Factory and melodic Swedish death in a powerful production. The whole sounds clean and ironed, the songs are thoughtful and quite mature…”
       —Legacy Magazine (DE) Rate 10/12
Logical Terror gained solid live experience co-headlining some of the metal scene’s greatest acts such as Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Kataklysm, Soilwork, Jinjer, Darkane, Primal Fear, Engel, Mnemic, Raunchy, Destrage, and more. The band is currently working with Eddy Cavazza of Silent Ghost Production, paving the way for a brand new masterpiece.


Smoking Fields

Smoking Fields was born in the early years of the millennium. The rhythm, composed by Simone Piccinini on drums and Matteo Virga on bass, accompanies Fabrizio Saraga's guitar and frontman Sergio Piccinini’s vocals in a sound that draws heavily from the furious grit typical of the Seattle scene, to cadenced desert rhythms reminiscent of Kyuss and the like.

Smoking Fields.jpg

The band began working with Eddy Cavazza shortly before the pandemic, wanting to follow the production process step by step, from a single riff to a complete song. With COVID restrictions causing the work to be done remotely, Eddy was able to take self-recorded riffs and transform them into songs that perfectly matched the taste and expectations of Smoking Fields.
“What struck us most was the mix of extreme availability, creativity and professionalism that he was able to put into all aspects of our relationship!”

Panni Sporchi

Panni Sporchi.jpg

From the small town of Quarantoli in northern Italy, the guys from Panni Sporchi have brought their brand of insane metal to the scene
for three decades.
In 1998 they released their self-titled album, Panni Sporchi, showcasing their aggressiveness and technique. In 2018, they released their more mature album III
through ZetaFactory.

"What to say about Eddy Cavazza? In addition to being one of the most important members of the initial period of the band, after his transition to a career as a producer we have always continued to work with him in all our studio works! As far as we are concerned, he’s one of the best producers and arrangers that can be found around, as well as a friend who is always available and professional."
          —Emy from Panni Sporchi

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